4 Great Ideas for Metro Detroit Smiles

Oh, the choices we face when it comes to choosing dental products! What kind of toothpaste is best? Which floss makes more sense? Brushing and flossing regularly, of course, are essential for good dental health. At DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are focused on helping our patients in Livonia

Dr. Jim DeCapite offers four helpful ideas for excellent dental health:

  • Choose a toothpaste that will be used: While mostly a matter of personal taste, choosing a toothpaste can be overwhelming given all the available choices. Decide whether a flavored toothpaste will entice family members (especially kids!) to brush longer and more often. Other factors to keep in mind are cavity prevention, which is always critical, whitening needs, and sensitive teeth. The best toothpaste is one that will be used regularly!
  • Select an appropriate type of dental floss: Flavor is also a consideration when choosing dental floss. Mint-flavored floss can add to that feeling of a fresh mouth and might also encourage family members to floss more often. Waxed floss slides easily between teeth, helping to make sure those tight areas are properly cleaned. Keep a small container of floss handy for the office or on trips.
  • Get a regular checkup: Even when it feels like teeth and gums are in good health, a dental checkup can ensure that there are no cavities or potential trouble spots. It’s always best to get that checkup every six months to catch small problems before they turn into big ones.
  • Go for a professional cleaning: Toothpaste and dental floss are essential products to have in the home and it’s important to brush and floss regularly. It’s also very important to go for a professional cleaning regularly to get those spots that a toothbrush and floss can’t always reach.

The office of DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is now open to serve our patients by appointment. Contact us today for a thorough dental checkup and cleaning. Our professional staff is always happy to answer questions and give suggestions for better dental health. We are conveniently located in Livonia, near the intersection of Schoolcraft and Merriman Roads.


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