3 Very Important Reasons to See Dr. DeCapite During the Pandemic

We understand our patients have a lot of concerns during these challenging times. Rest assured that we take every step necessary to ensure everyone’s health and safety at DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. It is very important for our patients in Livonia and the Motor City to continue maintaining good dental health throughout the pandemic, including visiting the dentist for a cleaning and a checkup.

Dr. Jim encourages his patients with three very important reasons to seek professional dental care during the pandemic:

  • Damage from teeth grinding: These are stressful times. Many people are now grinding their teeth who probably didn’t do so before. Damage from grinding teeth can include damaged teeth as well as conditions such as TMJ and even headaches. A visit to Dr. DeCapite enables us to find and treat these issues before they become too serious.
  • Delays in cleaning: Understandably, people in the Detroit metro area and across the country have been hesitant about going to the dentist during the pandemic. However, it is critically important to get that professional cleaning and checkup to maintain good dental health as well as good overall health. Our staff works diligently to ensure the health and safety of all of our patients now and throughout the year.
  • Shifts in routines: Staying home, working at home, and having kids at home that are learning remotely, disrupts everyone’s normal routines. That may include the two times each day set aside for brushing and flossing. When these good habits are not kept up, dental issues such as painful cavities can arise. A visit to our office is essential preventing and treating these dental problems.

It is very important to maintain good dental health during the pandemic. Our dental team is focused on ensuring that all of our patients receive the best treatment possible. We are taking every precaution to keep patients and staff safe and healthy.

We are open to serve our patients by appointment. Contact us today for a thorough dental checkup and cleaning that are so important to good dental health during this pandemic. We are conveniently located in Livonia, near the intersection of Schoolcraft and Merriman Roads, only 20 minutes from anywhere on the Westside. 


This informative post, about dental health, family and cosmetic dentistry, and patient care, is brought to you by DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Livonia Michigan. 

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