5 Reasons Kids Should See a Dentist on a Regular Basis (Reopening May 29th)

The school year has been over for a while. We all have all been staying home and maintaining our social distances since mid-March to keep everyone safe and healthy. Summer will be here soon, though, just like every other year! Summer is a great time to be sure children of all ages in Livonia and the Motor City are visiting the dentist. As early as May 29th, DeCapite Dentistry will be busy again sharing with children the many benefits of seeing the dentist regularly and knowledgeable kids are always more comfortable with their visits.

Dr. Jim DeCapite wants kids of all ages in the greater Detroit area to look forward to their dental visits and to get excited about the five great reasons to see the dentist regularly, starting this summer:

  • Checking tooth alignment: As a child’s baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth start to come in, it’s important to make sure all the teeth are lining up correctly.
  • Preventing cavities: The professional staff at DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry checks all our patients regularly for signs of potential cavities and other dental issues.
  • Treating cavities: When cavities do happen, it’s important that we catch them early. A regular dental visit will keep small cavities from becoming larger ones, particularly as young children dip into the sugary treats over the summer months!
  • Checking brushing skills: Jim DeCapite and his professional dental team take the time to make sure kids (and adults) know how to brush and floss properly, so they will have the proper skills that will benefit their dental health throughout their lives.
  • Cleaning for good dental health: Even when children are doing a good job of brushing and flossing, they still need to see the dentist regularly for a thorough dental cleaning. This applies to adults too!

Dr. Jim encourages patients of all ages to visit the dentist regularly, for healthy, happy teeth!

Please know we will be back in the office after May 29th.

The office of DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is conveniently located in Livonia, near the intersection of Schoolcraft and Merriman Roads. We accept new patients and, of course, all emergencies.

Please call us at (734) 744-5457 if you have any questions about dental health or to make an appointment.


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