3 Important Ways Dental Health Can Benefit Our Patients

At DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our focus is on the oral health of our patients. We also know, though, that our patients need to be healthy in many other ways. A person’s overall health can be affected by many factors. Dental health is one significant aspect that can make a difference in other areas of the body. Everything in our bodies is connected! When we keep our teeth and gums clean and properly maintained, it helps us to live healthier lives overall.

Dr. Jim DeCapite shares these three ways that good dental health can benefit overall health for our patients:

  • Heart disease prevention: Bacterial infection in the mouth can reach the heart, contributing to heart disease, blockage, and strokes. Keeping the mouth clean and healthy can help keep the heart free from inflammation and infection caused by gum disease and other oral bacteria.
  • Memory improvement: Just as gum disease and bacterial infection can affect the heart, it can also have an impact on brain function. Gingivitis has been proven to have an effect on memory loss and cognitive capabilities. Keeping gums healthy can help keep the mind sharper!
  • Self-esteem boost: A clean, healthy smile gives our patients the confidence they need to boost their self-esteem and to have a brighter outlook on live. A bright smile and good oral health can contribute to better eating habits, better sleeping habits, and better overall health.

The professional staff at DeCapite Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to help our patients in the Metro Detroit area enjoy quality dental health that will benefit their overall health. Contact us today for an appointment for a checkup and a professional dental cleaning.

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